Association for
Professional Executive Coaching
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Founded in 2004
not-for-profit organisation

Welcome To APECS

The Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the top level professional membership body for executive coaching, supervision, and advisory services to corporate organisations.

We are a not-for-profit organisation providing:

  • Accreditation for Executive Coaches and Supervisors
  • Associate practitioner membership supervised by APECS accredited members for people working towards full accreditation in due course
  • Professional affiliate membership
  • Professional standards for executive coaching and supervision
  • Good practice guidance and information about executive coaching and supervision
  • Events and resources for members

Please click this link for membership categories and criteria guidelines.

Please note that APECS has made arrangements with some Institutions to enable a Fast Track route to membership as a result of qualification awards. Please ask your Institution if it has this arrangement.


Founded in 2004, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) is the top level membership professional body for executive coaching and supervision.

Executive Coaching differs from other forms of coaching in that it is primarily concerned with the development of the executive in the context of the needs of their organisation.

APECS defines "Executive" as a person who has a level of leadership responsibility (financial / operational / people) and/or responsibility for policy formulation and/or who makes a senior level individual contribution to the organisation.

What we do

APECS is a not-for-profit organisation which accredits executive coaches and supervisors working within the context of coaching and leadership who attain its standards. Our aims are:

  • To safeguard and develop the standards of professional coaching and supervision
  • To provide a stimulating forum for individuals engaged in buying or delivering professional coaching and supervision

APECS enables coaches, supervisors and corporate buyers of executive coaching to:

  • Meet at regular member events
  • Receive information relating to executive coaching and supervision
  • Exchange views and experience and provide mutual support and development.

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